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Background of Edenlux establishment

I lost my eye sight in a medical accident when I was a military doctor. I couldn't drive, work, and everyday life was difficult because I suddenly lost sight of my eyes. I went to a university hospital and received eye treatment, but I was only told to wait, and out of frustration, I searched overseas papers by myself, and learned and trained an eye exercise method called 'vision therapy'.

It was a test conducted with a desperate feeling of grabbing even a straw, but I felt that I could see little by little, and as a result of constant training every day, my eyesight was restored to normal within 3 months.

Although the human lifespan is approaching 100 years, the most rapidly aging body part is the eyes. Moreover, as we use our smartphones a lot and watch a lot of TV every day, our eyes are getting worse and worse more quickly. Otus was created in the hope that it could be a method of vision treatment for many people who are suffering from uncomfortable eyes like my case. The background of birth and vision of Edenlux is to help people live a healthy life by looking at their loved ones with healthy eyes for a long time.

Park Seong-yong, CEO of Edenlux Co., Ltd.


Research with the best university hospitals

Edenlux is striving to improve human eye health through the endless R&D and clinical trials.

Starting with healthcare products, Edenlux is constantly striving for a healthier world for mankind through research, product development and continuous investment.

Edenlux is conducting research with the professors from Samsung Seoul Hospital, Gachon University Gil Hospital and Dongguk University Hospital.


The story of the CEO

I lost my eye sight in a medical accident when I was a milltary doctor. I couldn't see the PC monitor, so I had to write the medical treatment by hand with the help of a nurse, and I couldn't even drive, so I had a very uncomfortable life. I went to a university hospital, but the only response from the hospital was to wait...

Meanwhile, I found out that American pilots and professionals train their eyes using an exercise method called 'vision therapy'. After purchasing the tools used for vision therapy and training my eyes, my eyesight was recovered in 3 months.


Vision therapy

Vision therapy is a visual therapy method to improve visual function by strengthening the muscles in the eye. It is an eye exercise method that has been commercialized in countries such as the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom as a treatment for vision function without medication or surgery.

However, it was difficult to access the vision training center which required an optometrist to pay more than 100,000 won (100 USD) per hour for training courses and to purchase expensive equipment over 5,000 USD.

So, I developed 'Otus', an automated device that incorporates vision therapy technology so that anyone can easily exercise their eyes at home.


Eye problems caused by excessive use of smartphones

From children to adults, most people look at their smartphones every day. Our eyes are getting worse and worse because of our frequent viewing of bright, short distance and small size of smartphones. There are many research results that show that if you look at a smartphone a lot, the lens control muscle of the eye becomes stiff and has a bad effect on the eyes.

Recover your weakened eye muscles with your smartphone.


The necessity
of Otus

Otus exercises the lens muscles in the eye while 8 different lenses rotate more than 60 times in 5 minutes. Through contraction and relaxation exercises of the lens muscle, relieve your eyes that have become tired from using your smartphone a lot. If you do not relax the eye muscles after continuous use of the smartphone, it can cause various eye diseases.

In the age of 100 years of human lifespan,
please keep your eyes healthy in advance.


Eye health care solution

Edenlux has revised and reviewed hundreds of times while searching domestic and foreign papers to create an effective and easy-to-use product.

Edenlux visited the Vision Therapy Center in the United States several times and also visited German and French companies with the best technology in the field of optometry.

After many years of effort by Edenlux, Otus was born as an automated eye exerciser equipped with the same lens used for vision therapy and applied the same principle of vision therapy.